Guidelines On Writing a Precis

A summarized version of a passage is known as Precis. A precis is either a summary, an outline, or an abstract of a particular passage. The best way to create the best quality precis of a particular passage is to create a list of all the main points of that passage. There are a lot of features of a precis. First of all, it should be clear and written in a precise way. Secondly, it should be written in your own words rather than using the original sentences or words. There should be a logical order between all the sentences of a precis. It should have an intriguing title. There is no need to write any kind of detail in the precis that is not present in the original text. No doubt, to write down the best quality precis is a real challenge for the students. If you are not able to write down the best quality precis, then you can get help from academic writing services. The best tips and guidelines on writing a precis are given below; 

1) To write a Precis, you will be assigned a passage. Before going to commence the precis writing task, you should try to read out that passage carefully and attentively. In this careful and attentive reading, you should try to find out all the main ideas and central points of your passage.

2) It is also an important thing for you to calculate the total number of words in your passage before going to commence the precis writing task. This thing will be helpful to create the exact number of words in your Precis.

3) For closely understanding of the passage, you should try to read out the passage at least for two times. After reading out the text for the two times, if you are still not able to understand your passage, then you should also try to read out it for the third time.

4) You should try to prepare notes by highlighting all the important points of your passage. Moreover, you should also try to leave out all the points from the passage that is non-essential.

5) Now, it’s time to provide an apt heading to your Precis. You should be very careful while providing the pay heading to your Precis.

6) The note-taking is the best technique to write down the best quality precis. Its reason is that the note taking technique is helpful for the students to arrange all the main points of the passage in a logical order. After preparing the notes, you should make sure that the order of essential points is the same as in the original passage.

7) There are three grammatical rules that are followed by the experts during the process of writing the precis. First of all, they write it in the third person. Second, they use the indirect forms in it. At last, they try to use the past sentences instead of future or present sentences.

8) After preparing the rough draft of your Precis, never forget to proofread and edit it in order to remove all the grammatical, spelling, and punctuation mistakes from your precis.

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