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GCSE Results Day: the Time Of Celebration For All The Hardworking Students

GCSE stands for General Certificate of Secondary Education. This kind of academic qualification is usually followed in the England, Wales, and North Ireland. The students will have to acquire GCSE degree during two to three academic years. If you want to complete your GCSE degree with distinction, then you will have to work hard. If you work hard during the GCSE academic years, then GCSE results day is a day of celebration to you. On the other hand, if you don’t work hard during the GCSE academic years, then GCSE results day is a day of frustration and regret to you. During your GCSE academic degree, if you are not able to write any kind of academic paper, then you can get help from academic writing services. Here, we will discuss how hardworking students celebrate their GCSE results day.

1) Family party

If you are able to get GCSE degree with distinction, then your chances to get admission in your desired university will be increased. Therefore, after getting such an important secondary education certificate, almost all the successful students want to enjoy this memorable day with their family. For this reason, they can plan a garden party with their family members. Moreover, they can also travel for a meal out with their family members. After getting admission and degree from a well-known university, your chances to achieve the best job opportunities will be increased.

2) Meal out

If we talk about Europe, then we come to know that after achieving best grades in the GCSE examination, most of the students try to prepare a plan of a meal out with their friends, not with the family members. Its reason is that after that they will have to adopt separate ways to commence the next phase of their lives. For this reason, most of the restaurants provide special discount offers to those students who want to celebrate their exam results. In order to avail of these discount offers, the students will have to bring their ID’s and result sheets.

3) A trip to the beach

The students who belong to the sunnier and hotter climates want to celebrate their GCSE result on the beach. For this reason, you will have to make a group with your friends, arrange a barbecue that should be disposable, and bring some beers with you. Most of the students desire to celebrate their GCSE examination result underneath the stars. Moreover, the beach also provides a chance of great entertainment for the students.

4) Letting Loose

Most of the students try to celebrate their results with their traditions. If we talk about the University of Cambridge students, then we come to know that they try to celebrate their exam result by walking on the bank of a river. This type of tradition is known as ‘Suicide Sunday’. On the other hand, the tradition that is followed by the Oxford University students in order to enjoy their result is known as ‘Trashing’. With the help of this kind of tradition, they try to blast each other with the help of silly string and shaving foams.


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