Writing a Literature Review: A Complete Guide for Students in the UK

Writing a Literature Review
A literature review is the backbone of the PhD dissertation. It is a survey of the previously published research in your field. This chapter provides an overview of the current knowledge and theories. Writing a literature review is not easy because you need to read dozens of research papers and articles. Therefore, you need some guidelines that can help you craft this chapter. If you are a student in the UK, you must read today’s article as it is all about those guidelines you need to write this chapter. Hence, let’s get started with today’s topic.

Tips for writing a literature review

The literature review forms the section of a dissertation. It is important that you write this section in the best possible manner. So, you must read the tips mentioned below:

Search for relevant literature

The first stage of writing a dissertation literature review is to search for it. You need to search for the relevant literature to your field of study. It is necessary because you can only know about the research gaps when you read information related to your dissertation topic. To search for the relevant literature, you should use keywords on Google or other search engines.

Evaluate the literature

When you have searched for the literature, you have got some research in hand to write the literature review. Sometimes it happens that the topic matches your research area, but the content of the paper is totally different. In such scenarios, you need to evaluate all the collected papers by reading them thoroughly. This exercise will leave you with relevant material for your research study.

Make Outline and notes

Making notes while reading the literature helps you a lot in writing it. When you make notes, you actually identify the patterns and themes present in the previous literature. The note-keeping habit allows you to outline the important points in the selected literature as you do not have to write the whole paper in this section. Therefore, it is important to take notes and make an outline.

Write your literature review

Writing a literature review is the last stage when you have performed all the above steps. You have the relevant material and notes of important points; nothing can stop you from writing it now. There is one important thing that students mostly forget. They make language errors while writing; ensure that you proofread your document.


This article has covered some very important tips required for writing a literature review chapter. As a student in the UK, you should try to use UK journals in your search for literature. The literature from other journals is also acceptable. The tips mentioned above can help you a lot in writing this crucial section. Therefore, read them thoroughly and try to follow them.

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