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The Difference Between Narrative Essay Writing And Descriptive Essay Writing

Narrative essay writing and descriptive essay writing are two essential writing techniques that are adopted by the students in order to create a monument of a short piece of writing in the form of an essay. The main aim of the narrative essay writing technique is to narrate a story. It starts from a particular point of view and all the details are presented in an order. On the other hand, the main aim of descriptive essay writing is to create a vivid picture either about a person, a place or a thing. If you are not able to write a narrative essay or a descriptive essay, then you can get a custom solution for your essay from expert essay writers of the essay writing services . The difference between narrative essay writing and descriptive essay writing is explained below; 1) Introduction As we know that an essay consists of three parts and the first part of an essay is known as an introduction. There is a clear difference between the introductory parts of a narrative essay and d