The Do's and Don’ts of Academic Writing


Academic writing is a formal way of writing. It is used in academic institutions and for publications. You will come across such type of writings when you read journals, articles and books. Academic institutions encourage their students to follow this style of writing. It has different terminologies and structures even though the style of writing is same. There are different types of academic writings. These include essays, research papers, thesis, research proposals, literature reviews and bibliographies. Academics write all of these with the intention to publish. There are some principles that need to be followed while writing academically. If a person drafts his writings following the rules, then he can achieve his goals. There are several do’s and don’ts of academic writing. A writer is always encouraged to follow these sets of instructions as he can achieve the true sense of academic writings when he follows them.

The “Dos”:

There are several dos of academic writing that a writer should follow. If he follows those rules, he will produce an amazing piece of literature. Here are a few of the dos regarding academic writing;
Academic Writing Style

Write Objectively:

It is important to know that academic writing is always objective in nature. It is based upon facts, logic and precision. A writer should not have a biased approach while stating facts and logic. A writer also needs to present his research work with extensive research concerning a topic. This writing must be objective in approach without any involvement of personal emotions. A writer can achieve an objective approach when he uses credible sources. Furthermore, he should make use of facts and relevant data to build a strong argument.

Follow a Clear Writing Style:

It is the key responsibility of the writer to make sure his readers understand his writings. They do not have to try hard to develop an understanding. He should undoubtedly write his ideas as this will help his audience in understanding the topic. Furthermore, it will develop their interest to read more regarding that topic. Given below are a few instructions that will help you in writing with precision;

  • You should develop your main topic at the very beginning of the writing.
  • The start must be simple.
  • There should be enough information at the end of every sentence.
  • Try to write paragraphs with a topic sentence that summarizes the main points.

Technical Vocabulary Usage:

There are different terminologies that are part of different subjects. It is the key responsibility of a writer to incorporate such jargon in his writings. This will improve his dissertation help writing style along with improving the quality of his writing. Furthermore, this will show that he has complete command over the subject. The only way to improve one’s vocabulary is to take help from the glossary section. It is always available at the end of every chapter and explains different terms.

So, these are a few of the dos that a writer should follow. They will help in the production of amazing pieces of literature.

The Don’ts of Academic Writing:

There are several don’ts of academic writing as well that a writer should follow. If he ignores those, he can face some problems. A good research paper can lose its charm when a writer ignores the don’ts of academic writing. Here are a few of the don’ts that should be avoided at all costs;

Avoid Formal Way of Writing:

A writer must be careful about the language he is using in his papers. This is one of the common mistakes a writer commits in his writings. It is not necessary to sound like esteemed professors in your writings. When a writer is observing a formal way of writing, it sounds like he does not know what he is talking about. A writer should use only the words that he knows about. This will help him build a good sentence structure even if it is simple. Once the writing is finished, the writer can change colloquial language from your system.
Academic Writing Style 1

Avoid Using Inappropriate Fonts and Styles:

Most of the time, writers try to be fancy in their writings. They should try their best to avoid such a stance. This trend is very popular among students when they draft their assignments. They think they can impress their teachers, but this only presents a negative image to the readers. Because of inappropriate fonts and styles, a reader will lose interest. Furthermore, this shows how immature and non-serious one is when it comes to writing. A writer should always use the recommended font size and style. Apart from this, he should follow a set of instructions to write his writings against.

Do Not Exaggerate:

It is also observed that sometimes writers emphasize the importance of information. In this regard, they try to exaggerate, to make their readers agree with them. They should not do this. This notion of writing makes writing sound corny. Furthermore, a writer should not presume that the readers will always agree with what he saying. A cheap dissertation writing services firm needs proof and evidence for every statement that he makes. A writer should also be careful of what he is saying within his writing. Such writings are the real picture of a writer and show his credibility as well as authenticity.

A writer should keep the above-mentioned don’ts in his mind. Only then can he present flawless academic writing tasks on his behalf.


Academic writing is a formal way of completing related tasks. Academics like professors and students, follow this style of writing. The purpose of academic writing is to publish them. There are a set of rules to follow while drafting academic writing pieces. There are several do's and don'ts that a writer needs to follow. If he’s following the do's then he can produce excellent writings. But at the same time, if he is not following the don'ts, then his research work can fade away. This article examined the do's and don'ts of academic writing. If a writer follows these instructions, he can present effective writing. It is necessary to follow the given instructions while writing an academic paper. This will also help the readers in developing a better understanding of that topic.

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