5 Most Stressful Jobs in the UK Which You Must Stay Away

Most Stressful Jobs
WorkGear Giant has researched the most stressful jobs in the UK. For this reason, they have contacted with 100,000 professionals. They have got their views about the nature of their jobs. They have also considered their earnings and unpaid overtime. For this reason, they have created a stress score of 15. This stress score is divided into three parts. 5 for the earning, 5 for the cases of work and 5 for the overtime. The higher score out of 15 shows that a specific job is the most stressful. Here a dissertation help firm will discuss the five most stressful jobs in the UK which you must stay away.

Customer Service Representative:
The main task of the customer service representative is to listen to the complaints and questions of the customers. After listening to these complaints and questions, they have to provide possible answers to these complaints and questions. There are lots of responsibilities of the customer service representatives. They have to maintain a positive and professional attitude towards customers. They have to promptly respond to the queries of the customers. They have to acknowledge and resolve complaints of the customers. They have to communicate and coordinate with the customers. According to this research, the job of the customer service representatives is the most stressful jobs. They have provided stress score to this job 10/15.

Legal Professionals:
Legal professionals have to provide advice to the people about the law and order. As a legal professional, you can perform lots of duties. Regardless of the duties, there are some responsibilities of the legal professionals. They have to prepare for the court proceedings and attendance. They have to prepare the legal document. They have to gather the evidence for the cases. They have to supervise the agreements. They have to deal with the disputes. They have to provide general advice to the clients. Moreover, they have to explain these laws to their clients. They have to perform administrative duties. According to this research, it is also one of the most stressful jobs. According to them, the stress score of this job is 8/15. 

Housing Association Professionals:
Local housing associations and authorities hire housing association professionals. These housing association professionals have to oversee housing properties. These housing association professionals are also known as housing association managers. They have to perform lots of duties. They have to deal with the disturbances in the neighbourhood. They have to ensure the rent-paying of the tenants. They have to manage the expectations of the residents. They have to organize the property. They have to resolve the property matters. They have to conduct interviews with the new housing applicants. The job of housing association professionals is also stressful. The stress score of this job is 7/15. That’s why you should also try to stay away from this job.

Welfare Professionals:
While living in society, we have to face some adversity issues. These adversity issues are in the form of terminal illness and financial difficulty. The welfare professionals provide help to people to overcome these diversity issues. To become a welfare professional, you will have to acquire at least a bachelor’s degree in social work. The troubled individuals contact with welfare professionals. Welfare professionals try to provide the best solutions to the day-to-day problems of troubled individuals. These welfare professionals are helpful for people who are facing deliberating diseases. They have to work with a wide range of people. For example, if they are working for the welfare of a family, they have to work with their children and elders. The job of welfare professionals is also hard. The stress score of this job is 7/15. 

Teaching And Education Professionals:
A teacher has to prepare the lesson plans. He has to educate the students at all levels. There are lots of responsibilities for the teachers. They have to teach lessons to the students. They have to assign homework assignments to the students. They have to check these homework assignments. They have to provide grades to the students. They have to conduct exams. They have to check exam papers. They have to document the progress of the students. Teachers should have the ability to teach students in a variety of ways. They have to engage the students in the class. A teacher is also responsible for the educational progress of the students. According to this research, the job of teaching and education professionals is also very stressful. The stress score of this job is 6/15.

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