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The Most Recent Research about Computational Thinking In Education

By reading this post, you will be able have a general idea of computational thinking in education, information on recent studies about this topic, the role of computational thinking in special education and K-12 education.

The Most Recent Research about Computational Thinking In Education

Computational thinking in education is a series of problem-solving methods that indicates the expression of the different problems and the ways of handling these problems in the sense of computer working. 

Yes, of course, computational thinking is related to the mental skills and practical skills such as the definition of the information process, basic ideas range for the CT and designing software for getting help. 

The Current Studies 

In the 21 century, computational thinking has been gaining more meditation and awareness, indeed, most people have proved that computational education should become an imperative portion of the education, because, without computational thinking, a student cannot understand the assessment of skills and it is all about getting accomplishment in the academic life. 

Computational thinking is related to the understanding of how a computer works and what are the ways by getting through a person can achieve all his goals. Absolutely, an advanced computer is very elegant, because, it is the part of rapid machines and it is very difficult for the human mind to execute like a computer. 

Computational Thinking Process 

On the other hand, a computer cannot work without all commands that a person fits in it, along with that, we give them a code in order to correct a sentence and notes errors in the list, so, the thinking level of the computer depends on the human’ instructions. In the computational thinking process, students discuss many skills, but, the most important skill is about handling difficult questions into comprehensible steps. Some skills that are related to computational thinking are given below:

Handling a complex problem with comprehensible methods 
Problem-solving skills
Critical as well as logical thinking 
Conditional thinking 
Recognizing patterns

Recent Research about Computational Thinking

According to the recent research and scrutiny, computational thinking constructs a new horizon for the students in the world of technology and by learning these skills; student improves their abilities to get through an amalgamated procedure.

However, students and teachers should understand that computational thinking education is like science and technology; if students and teacher will think with open-mindedness they will get an approach to find the solution to the problems. 

According to the Stephenson, “ the essence of computational thinking involves breaking down complex problems into more similar and manageable sub-problems by using a sequence of algorithms, reviewing how the solution transfers to similar problems and finally determining if a computer can help us more efficiently solve these problems “. 

Critical Views and Advanced Technology 

With the help of advanced technology, it is very beneficial and important to empower to the students to develop their skills in order to become digital people and getting ownership of the learning and students must play with technology in the appropriate ways.

In the critical point of view, computational thinking is the process of throwing off terrible and horror problem and getting some information about solving these problems, as we know that computational thinking means the involvements of the designing systems and having a proper understanding about human behavior. 

The Role of Computational Thinking in the Special Education 

With the passage of time, the importance of special education is increasing and people are adopting different strategies to improve their skills in order to make their careers, therefore, teachers should use these abilities and skills of computational thinking in the field of special education. 

This will be more beneficial for all the students, because, teachers can use these skills to handle all the complex problems in an easy way, so the most important point is that computational thinking is playing an important role in the science, technology and mathematics

In K-12 Education 

Computational thinking is also taking place in the k-12 curriculum and also facing difficult challenges such as the definition of computational thinking, children’s development and engineering thinking as well as critical thinking. At present, educational thinking is becoming essential part of the students' education, because, it is inclusive information about cognitive skills and the process of handling difficulties of the subjects that often students face. Some principles of computational education are given below:

The use of abstractions and pattern to handle problems in different ways 
Organization of the question in a logical and analyzing way
Divide the problems into many parts 
Programmatic thinking techniques and logical operations
Approach to the symbolism in the art of writing 
Implementation and identification of the solution in order to gain a good 
The best combination of the steps as well as resources


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