Types Of References That You Can Use In Your Dissertation

In academic life at any level, reference is most essential. Without using the correct reference, you will not able to complete your dissertation. Using the right reference supports your ideas and argument and you can increase your grades. It also highlights the level of your knowledge and research on the topic. As we know writing a dissertation is very easy but using references is very difficult, because, student have no proper information about the types of references.

Scholarly References 

Scholarly reference means a series of a convention that the writer uses to highlight the points of the dissertation. It also shows your knowledge and the source that you have used in cited, quoted in your writing. The link between source and reference is exceptionally unfathomable. The source is called text of information that you have used in your writing, on the other side, reference is the actual mention about your work. 

Types Of References

There are four main types of references. If you will refer from the past then it will give you more marks. However, the correct use of reference is most fundamental. The basic meaning of reference is referral or information that a person can refer to written work such as dissertation, thesis and proposal. If you will forget to give a reference then your work will be uncompleted. Most tutors will consider that your work is plagiarized. You should keep in mind that general knowledge does not require any special reference. You should give reference in writing and it should be at the bottom of the page, instead of that you can write it in the endnotes. The separate notes cannot follow to write references. But if you want to give a reference then it should be short and not complicated. You should write it in simple words that a reader can understand it very easily. Let’s discuss the four best types of references that you can adopt in your dissertation.

Employment References

In the employment references, you can refer past employer, coworkers and clients. This also requires a lot of experience and specific rules. In the referencing section, you should make the list of volunteer and odd jobs. Employment references are most indispensable that you should carry during your job work and job applications. 

Professional References 

Professional references are specially written for businessmen. In the professional references, you can refer contact to clubs, businessman and community organization.

Academic References 

Academic references are included for instructional and vocational counselor; indeed, you can refer all your academic activities in these references. Students should discuss their grades and current activities in this type of references.

Professional References 

Professional references are another best types of references in which you can describe all your skills. In this type of references, you should the name of employer and complete information about it. Most people’s job is depended on it. 

How You Can Prepare Good References 

Use the name, email and phone number

Write to contact at home or at work

Write the best times to reach

Discuss specific goals

How To Best Use References In A Dissertation

Cite While Writing: make a deep research about your reference before conducting it in your dissertation. You should collect a complete list of information that you can use in your dissertation. 

Choose The Correct Referencing Style: choosing the correct referencing style is also the most imperative and important. You should use APA style in your dissertation. This style looks unique and can increase your grades. 

Proofread Your Referencing List: before submitting your dissertation, you should proofread very carefully. This is the best method that you should adopt in order to correct all your minor mistakes. Make sure that you have checked all grammatical, grammar and punctuation mistakes. In general, these are little mistakes but these mistakes can effect on our work and we can lose our grades. Make sure that your dissertation is free from all little mistakes. 

Numbers Of Words In The References: this is most general question that students ask. They don’t know how many words of references should be. So, no need to worry, here is the answer. You should write 400 to 500 words in your references section. In one dissertation, you should write one reference. No need to include extra references in your dissertation.

To nutshell the whole discussion we can say that using referencing in your dissertation is most essential. Without the use of reference, your dissertation will considered uncompleted. Therefore, you should keep in mind types, styles and method of writing the best reference in a dissertation.

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