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How to Master Graduate School Essay Writing

An essay is a short piece of writing and to write an essay, it is necessary for a writer to present his own arguments about the essay topic. To write a graduate school essay, it is necessary for the students to brainstorm the topic idea, to conduct effective research, to develop a thesis statement, to create unique and original content and to make it free from grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes. Most of the graduate students don’t have enough skills to create a monument of a graduate essay and they get the best quality essay from the essay writing services

How to Master Graduate School Essay Writing 

Some essential tips to master graduate school essay are given below;

Improve your grammar and style

Grammar and style are two essential components of essay writing. If you want to improve your essay writing skills, you will have to improve your grammar and style. Some essential tips to improve your grammar and style are given below;

1)      Review basic grammar rules

If you have trouble with grammar, you should take an overview of the basic grammar rules. In the basic grammar rules, there comes subject-verb agreement, the syntax of the words, basic punctuation rules and verb tenses. If you think that grammar of a particular sentence is incorrect, you should correct it by searching this sentence online.

2)      Write in active voice whenever is possible

Active voice sentences are more powerful and concise than passive voice sentences. Therefore, you should try to learn how to use active voice sentences in an essay.

3)      Choose concise words and phrases

As we know that an essay is a short piece of writing and you will have to convey your message in limited words. Therefore, while writing an essay, you should try to select concise words and phrases instead of repetitive adjectives and adverbs.

4)      Use punctuation to set the rhythm of your writing

In an essay, the punctuation mistakes are not ignored. Therefore, to create a monument of your essay, you should also be a master of punctuation rules. In these punctuation rules, there come pauses, periods, full stops and semi-colons etc.

5)      Vary your sentence structure

The content of your essay should be engaging for the readers. In order to create engaging content for the readers, you will have to use sentences with varied rhythm and word order.

Use academic language

An essay is an essential form of an academic paper. Therefore, the language of your essay should be academic. Some essential tips to use academic language in your essay are given below;

1)      Avoid slang and other informal expressions

It is one of the most important qualities of an academic paper like an essay that should be clear and concise. Therefore, there is no need to make your essay casual. It is possible only if you avoid conversational words in your essay.

2)      Use objective and specific language

While writing an essay, you will have to explain an issue. You should try to prove your issue by building concrete facts. You should also try to support your claim with the help of suitable examples and evidence.

3)      Explore your vocabulary

If you want to create engaging content for an essay, you will have to avoid repetition. It is possible only if you have an impressive vocabulary.

Master the writing process

After getting enough idea about the grammar, style and academic language, the next step is to master the writing process. You can easily master essay writing by following these simple tips;

1)      Analyze your essay question

The first step to write an essay is to clearly understand your topic. After clearly understanding your essay question, you will be in a better position to understand the needs of your essay.

2)      Collect Information related to your essay topic 

To write an essay, you will have to gather the data. It is possible only if you have impressive research skills. Therefore, you should try to improve your research skills and try to know how to gather data from authentic and academic resources.

3)      Develop a succinct and arguable thesis statement

To write an essay, you will have to develop some arguments in the form of a thesis statement. Therefore, if you want to master the essay writing skills, you should also try to know how to develop a succinct and arguable thesis statement.

4)      Improve your revising abilities

After writing an essay, you will have to proofread and edit it in order to remove all the mistakes from your essay. Therefore, you should also try to sharpen your error-detecting skills.


To create unique, original and engaging content for your essay, you will have to improve your essay writing skills. You can easily improve your essaywriting skills by getting enough idea about grammar, style, structure, and format of the essay. 


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