Are Cognitive Apps And Games Helpful in Improving Student’s Brain?

Yes, some cognitive Apps and games are helpful in improving students brain but under some circumstance. New research finds much evidence that apps and games can improve the memory of the students. Some studies have found that brain –training games can be helpful for students in the learning process. Some research claims that some cognitive apps and games are waste of time. Nevertheless, the cognitive apps and games are famous today. Not just students, but also some other people want to improve their mind by these apps. The new review of research found that cognitive apps and games are really helpful in improving students mind.

The main idea of video games is enhancing memory and thinking skills can feel. Many websites and software present cognitive games and apps. The students’ brain changing games can improve cognitive control and help people in making better choices. Like most of the researches, many scientists have intrigued improving students mind with video games. A famous scientists Keble says “we want to know whether it works or not “. Therefore, some researches prove that all these apps are helpful for the students.

A research shows that if a student spends 10 minutes on playing a cognitive game, it makes his mind relax. If students play a game just for the learning process, it will make him bore. The brain training is a concept without merit.” Lumps, the creator of the cognitive apps for improving mind of students, claims that, games will train memory and attention.

According to the University of Oregon, brain training apps and games really work on the practical application. Nevertheless, the narrow scope of the study it tested only inhibitory control. Without practice, a student cannot improve his mind. The use of cognitive games and apps are informative in the studies. A student can improve his vocabulary by playing learning English games. The process of learning is not tough for the students. A cognitive game can sharpen the mind of the students.

The school of Psychology says that cognitive apps and games can play an important role in helping to reduce early symptoms of memory loss. One research shows that cognitive apps and games can maintain or even improve cognitive skills among older people at very high risk of the cognitive process. It is an inexpensive and safe method to improve your mind playing games and apps. The online programmer can affect the mind of the children. However, the most important thing to improve the mind of a student is to read a book. A student can learn with the help of practical games. If the regularity in the school is important, so the most beneficial thing is to sharp mind in the schools. Lumosity is a useful and popular app for improving the brain of a student. Brain fitness game can improve brain and memory. The students can track progress and access insights about overall brain health.

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