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Popular things you can do to get rid of exam stress

Exam stress is a common problem for all students. Exam stress is a feeling of pressure that many young people feel coming up to exam time. It is a common notion that students, who have made good preparation for the exam, they feel no exam stress. On the other hand, students who have not made good preparation for the exams by wasting time throughout the academic session, face severe- stress. Exam stress is normal but can give rise to anxiety, which can interfere with your performance. Here are some popular things you can do to get rid of exam stress. These things really help a student in relieving the exam stress. 

Popular things to get rid of exam stress.


Planning is the key to good revision. The student should draw out a timetable for revision the syllabus. Perhaps you will be stress because you do not know how much time you have and how you can use it best. Therefore, a student should plan a time to study.

Be confident of your success:

Stress is always the product of pessimism. We should think on the positive side of the things. When you think on the negative side of the things, you subject yourself more to studies. To relieve your exam stress, you should be an optimist about your exam. It means to think about success in your exams. You should be confident about your success in the exam.

Eat right and sleep well:

We do not perform well when we are hungry. Students should eat properly in the exam and without any stress. Stay away from junk food or heavy meals – they make you less energetic. Eat a balanced diet. The student should try to get well sleep at least 6 hours at night.

Avoid comparing your abilities with your mates:

Most of the students, during the exam days, call their classmates to ask them about the status of their preparation for the exams. It sometimes results in an unpleasant experience when you come to know that your classmate has made a lot of preparation and you have not done much. You should avoid comparing you with other. You should concentrate on your preparations.

Organize your workspace:

You should organize your workspace. Where you work is important, if you are in a stressful environment, it is inevitable that the stress will rub off on you. Find somewhere light and calm where you can spread out and get organize your workspace. It is better to relax or fresh yourself to get rid of your exam stress by playing a game or listening to music.

Develop a strong faith in God.

Always be hopeful from God for your betterment. You should develop a strong faith in God, forget about exams stress, and take a start for the preparation of the exam. Think and accept whatever he does, is better for us. Think! He is always there helping us in every unpleasant situation of our life.

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