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Hilarious Punctuation Fails That Make Your Assignment Content Wrong

It is a fact that the absence or the presence of a comma in any sentence can completely change the meaning of that particular sentence. The simplest example of this important fact is that ‘Let’s eat papa’ and ‘Let’s eat, papa’ are the two different forms of a single sentence. In the first sentence, the comma is not used and in the second sentence, a comma is used. Due to the use of only one comma, the whole meaning of that sentence is changed. If you are not able to take care of these kinds of hilarious punctuation fails in the content of your assignment, then you can get help with assignment writing services. The most common hilarious punctuation fails that can make your assignment content wrong are explained below;

Example Number 1:

For example, if you want to ask someone to eat his/her dinner, then you can ask it for the dinner in the two ways like ‘John, eat your dinner’ and ‘John, eat you're dinner’. These two sentences have completely two different meanings.

Example number 2:

Sometimes, there is a possibility that you can use the hyphen in many ways. For example, ‘Thirty-five dollars bill’ and ‘Thirty five-dollars bills’. The wrong use of hyphen can also totally change the meaning of a particular sentence.

Example number 3:

If you want to explain more than two similar things in a sentence, then you will have to separate these things with the help of commas. The students also do a lot of mistakes in this regard. For example, ‘You can gather the research material from library books, journal articles, and authentic sites’ and ‘You can gather the research material from library books journal articles and authentic sites’. These two sentences also show the two different meanings.

Example number 4:

The use of the semicolon is also a real challenge for the students. Most of the students ignore semicolons in their sentences. For example, most of the students write ‘I am sorry I was wrong’ instead of ‘I am sorry; I was wrong’. Without a semicolon, a sentence provides us with a completely different meaning.

Example number 5:

Most of the students use the hyphens in a sentence in a wrong way and this thing can also provide a wrong meaning to the content of your assignment. For example, the use of ‘Man-eats chicken’ instead of ‘Man eats chicken’. Therefore, you should try to avoid the use of these kinds of hyphens in your assignment.

Example number 6:

A student should also try to use the colons in his/her assignment in a careful manner. For example, there is no need to write a sentence ‘A woman is nothing without her husband’ in the form of ‘A woman: is nothing without her husband’.

Example number 7:

There are some students who forget to use exclamation marks in their assignments. This thing can also provide wrong meaning to their assignment. For example, you can use a sentence in the form ‘Thank you! We can help someone with the help of your donation’ instead of ‘Thank you, we can help someone with the help of your donation’.


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